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Over time, focusing on quality work and creating solid customer relationships, Moreno House Cleaning, LLC has become a premier cleaning service provider for many people around. Located in Harvey, LA, our company offers professional cleaning services for domestic and business clients and their apartments, condos, houses, offices, retail stores, and other properties. Working with us is ideal. Do you want to find out why? Keep reading…

Why choose our company?

Formed in 2015, our licensed, BBB accredited, and bonded company has grown as a reputable business with a spotless track record of success. Along with its enviable image on the market, our company has built a stable customer base of residential and commercial clients, all satisfied with the professionalism we demonstrate, free estimates we give, and affordable rates we offer for our professional cleaning services. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

How are we different?

Fully insured and committed to excellence, we are the cleaning service providers you can trust. Despite our 8 years of experience, we continue to expand our knowledge, increasing the quality of our work by acquiring new skills and constantly improving the techniques of our work. This way, we can give you the best service.

Contact our company in Harvey, LA to schedule a service with our cleaners. Available by appointment, we await your calls at (504) 715-4082 where you can learn more about the services we provide, as well as detailed info about Moreno House Cleaning, LLC. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!



They came, they saw, they made it pristine. Sounds like an easy cliché, but it's the truth. This team was the right choice for my task - to get residential cleaning services at an affordable price. That's why I think it's absolutely right to write here about their abilities and recommend them for a job well done. Also, thank you!

Emily Johnson


Excellent service, prim and proper! What more can I say - they went through every nook and cranny to remove all the unsightly marks, even the ones that only the neat freaks would be able to notice. I'm always happy to do business with friendly people who know what they are doing and are doing it alright.

Michael Davis

Graphic Designer

Very good service, done by professionals. I will be happy to suggest it to the neighbors, and all our friends in the vicinity. In my case, a place with three bedrooms, a large living room, and high ceilings was done perfectly for a record time. It really makes the difference when people are looking for a fast service that is not wasting their time.

David Wilson

Electrical Engineer

We have been changing cleaning companies over the years because we are not impressed with the commercial cleaning services provided to us. Since you started cleaning for us, we didn’t have any major issues anymore. Thank goodness, we do not have to look for another cleaning company anymore.

James Thompson


Moreno House Cleaning LLC

Contact our company in Harvey, LA to take advantage of our scheduled home cleaning services and office sanitizing solutions. Available by appointment, We look forward to your calls for the cleaning tasks you want to do with Moreno House Cleaning, LLC as your trusted partner. We hope to hear from you. Give us a call today!


At Moreno House Cleaning LLC, our mission is to provide exceptional quality office cleaning services, providing impeccable work environments that promote the comfort and productivity of our clients.


We strive to be leaders in the office cleaning industry, demonstrating superior standards of excellence and creating long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and satisfaction.


We are committed to offering a reliable, punctual and efficient service, adapted to the individual needs of each client, to guarantee clean, healthy and welcoming work spaces at all times.